How to Gain Motivation for School: Helpful Tips and Tricks

A lot of things happen to students while they go through their academic journey. They get enthusiastic at first, then gradually begin to settle into a routine. What happens when you lose motivation for school? Having no interest in school work comes with many negative effects as it affects students’ performance, and ultimately their career path. Here you’ll find out how to be more motivated for school.

Why students have no motivation for school?

Here are some of the commonest reasons why students tend to lack motivation for school.

  • You have no goal

When you have no goal, there is no zeal to work. A lack of motivation at school may be a result of a poor motive for attending school in the first place.

  • Boring pattern

Doing the same thing over again can make you lose motivation easily. While it is great to establish a routine at school, the mind easily gets tired of repetitive behavior.

  • A lack of interest

Students lack motivation when they find no interest in their course of study, school, or teacher. A lack of interest in school may be established from the onset or slowly seep in.

  • Making unrealistic goals

When you make unrealistic goals for school and find yourself not achieving them, you’re bound to lack motivation in the long run.

Motivation tips for students

  1. Make a deliberate effort to be motivated

One way to find interest in school again is to motivate yourself. The importance of self motivation cannot be overemphasized because you’ll always be there for yourself on your worst days. Make deliberate efforts by engaging in self motivation activities. You can indulge in extracurricular activities that you find interesting, listen to motivational speeches online, practice the art of affirmation, or engage in yoga. Remember, whatever works for others may not always work for you.

  1. Set achievable goals

Decide what you want and trust the process it will take to get there. When you understand what it is you want to achieve within a given time, you’ll find that you strive to achieve it. What grades you’ll like to score or how many chapters in your textbook you’ll like to read daily are achievable goals. If it helps, set up reminders around you to help you stay focused on your path. You could use your mobile, sticky notes, or a diary to guide you on your journey. You may create short-term and long-term goals. Your short-term goals will help you take small steps until you reach your big goal.

  1. Find a role model

Many people can inspire you to do better and find interest in school. While you need to motivate yourself, you can get inspiration from someone else.  Your role model may be a successful senior colleague or someone popular. Either way, be sure that you find something worth emulating from whomever you have chosen as a role model. Before you settle for anyone, ensure you have made the necessary research.

  1. Change your study pattern

To overcome the problem of boredom with schoolwork, you can change your study routine now and then. You can reshuffle your timetable or incorporate educational games to make it fun and exciting. It’s okay to change your routine multiple times until you’re comfortable with one. Your routine should be flexible enough to make changes when the need arises.

  1. Understand your learning process

A motivated learner enjoys rather than endures the learning process. To stay motivated, understand how the school system works and organize your life to be comfortable with studying. Remember to be patient with yourself or you’ll frustrate your effort.


It is normal to feel lost sometimes in the sea of school activities. However, it is up to you to encourage and motivate yourself to get right back on track. The tips here will facilitate self motivation for students and help them get back on their feet.