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Inticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco PeruInticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru


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Gallery of Photos

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Alice Smith
Alice Smith Watson
Thank you to everyone!! It was a beautiful time… the teachers were so much fun and everyone gave me whatever i needed. When I come back to Cuzco I will definitely come to say hi to everyone! Good Luck!!

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» Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How far from the school do the host families live?

  2. The host families live in different areas of Cusco. Some live in the center, walking distance from the school (10 -15 minutes walking), others live in the more quiet, affluent areas of Cusco, outside the tourist district. From these places you can easily reach the school by taxi or public bus (10-15 minutes by taxi or bus). Transport in Cusco is very inexpensive. A taxi ride costs $ 1.00.

  3. What meals are included at the host family?

  4. All home stays are based upon full board. This means that a stay with a host family includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. However you are free to go out for lunch or dinner whenever you want. Meal times are the greatest opportunities you will have to spend with your family and where you can practice your Spanish, so we recommend that you eat with your family as frequently as possible.

  5. Can we share a double room as a couple?

  6. Yes, you can book a double room with a host family. However, prices are always per person and are iqual for a single room or a double room.

  7. I am a vegetarian, is that a problem if I want to stay with a host family?

  8. It is not problem if you are a vegetarian. Our host families have experience with the preparation of vegetarian meals. Also, if you have other dietary restrictions or allergies, just let us know in advance. However, the traditional Cusquenan kitchen is based on a lot of meat, potatoes and rice, and less vegetables.

  9. Can I prepare my own meals if I stay in a flat?

  10. Of course you can, that is one of the advantages of staying in a flat. The kitchens of the flats are fully equipped and go shopping to one of the Peruvian typical, colorful markets is a unique experience.

  11. Do I have to bring my own sheets and blankets if I stay in a flat?

  12. No you do not have to bring your own sheets and blankets but please do bring a towel.


  1. Is it possible to travel overland from Lima to Cusco?

  2. There are two options but both are pretty time consuming. The first route will lead you to Cusco via Ayacucho, Andahuaylas and Abancay and is really beautiful. However, most part of the road is unpaved (and the buses and the hotels bad) and it might be a little too much for the traveller who has just arrived to Peru. All together, it will take you about 48 hours to get to Cusco. There are several bus companies that offer this service throughout the year; however, the route is too dangerous to consider in rainy season. The second option will go to Arequipa first, and then to Cusco. The Lima - Arequipa part is fast: the majority of the trip is via the Panamerican highway, along the coast. Buses are fine and depart about every half an hour from Lima. Arequipa is a beautiful, colonial city, where the traveller might want to consider staying a day or so before continuing the trip. But if you prefer, there is a direct connection to Cusco that departs between the hours of 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. The road is not too good, it might be freezing cold at night and the bus crowded. Now you will start traversing the Andes, this is the real side of Peru! You will arrive in Cusco in the early morning, between 4:00 and 8:00.

  3. What can I expect upon arrival in Cusco?

  4. A representative from our school will be at the airport with a sign with your name on it to take you to the school or directly to your accommodations. If you do not see anyone, please wait another 15 minutes. If still no one shows up you can either phone us, or take a taxi directly to the school (do not pay more than US $ 2.50).

Spanish Lessons

  1. How many people are there in a group?

  2. There is a maximum of 6 students per group. However, the average number of students per group is 3 – 5. If you are the only student at your level, we will offer you 3 hours of individual lessons instead of the group lessons.

  3. What are the class schedules?

  4. Your classes will be Monday to Friday, either in the morning from 8:30 till 12:30, or in the afternoon, from 2:30 till 6:30. You can request extra private lessons after 6:30pm or in the weekend. Class schedules are subject to change on holidays and during the high season. Class schedules in Urubamba and Manu are different.

  5. How much time do I need to become fluent in Spanish?

  6. This depends a lot on the person. Our experience shows that a person who does not speak any Spanish, can achieve a low intermediate level in four weeks of group lessons. This is enough for traveling around and/or for starting your volunteer work. It means you can understand easy, slowly spoken sentences and that you can make yourself understood at a survival level. You will mainly be using the present tense but have already an idea of some past tenses.

  7. Do the teachers give homework?

  8. The idea is that all the work is done in class. However, especially at the beginner levels, your teacher may ask you to do some exercises at home or to memorize some vocabulary to help you progress the following day.

  9. Do the teachers speak English?

  10. All of our teacher to speak (some) English, however, most of the class will be held in Spanish.


  1. Can I use the internet? Can se use the phone at our accommodations?

  2. Free internet is included in your program, you can use the computers at the internet café between the hours of 8:30 am and 6:30 pm. You can use the phone at your accommodation for incoming calls or to make phone calls with a card.

  3. How can I change money?

  4. You can change money (cash US or traveler cheques) at the banks or at the different Casas de Cambio at the Plaza de Armas. The exchange rate, at the time of writing, is $ 1.00 equals 3.4 soles. It is also possible to exchange other currencies (e.g. euros) but the exchange rate isnŽt that good.

  5. Do I need to take any study material with me?

  6. All the study materials are included and there is no need to bring materials with you. However we recommend you to bring a good dictionary. There is no bookstore in Peru where you can buy Spanish Grammar books or (good) dictionaries.

  7. If something unexpected happens who should I speak to?

  8. INTICAHUARINA has an international staff that speaks a number of languages. When something unexpected happens, you can go to the school administration and talk to them. INTICAHUARINA also has a 24 hour emergency phone number.

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