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Inticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco PeruInticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru


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Gallery of Photos

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Alice Smith
Alice Smith Watson
Thank you to everyone!! It was a beautiful time
 the teachers were so much fun and everyone gave me whatever i needed. When I come back to Cuzco I will definitely come to say hi to everyone! Good Luck!!

» Sacsayhuaman

The bigger Work and plus arrogance that they forged the Incas to point out his power and majesty, than they make to think up that they were made for his greatness via enchantment and no for men, but the truth is that the Inca common people showed off his ingenuity to the forging this one colossal act. once Was located in the north urban part of the Cusco's principal plaza, Sacsayhuaman was constructed in of stone material limestone in his great majority and basaltic andesite in some stretches.

Sacsayhuaman in the incanato was HOUSE of the SUN and no fortress, name that the Spanishes attributed themselves to the meeting front to so wonderful construction. I was having alimonies deposits, guns, adornments, textiles and furnishings In his inside; I was possessing also platforms and propitious aqueducts in order to an active civil life.

Also tunnels or subterranean considerable extension chincanas, where you will get stunned exist for work's magnitude.

Etiomology: The different historians that they have employed to me of this archeological zone are not agreeable with true significance, but approximately everyone are related with totemic- characteristics concepts of the religion and Andean philosophy. It has significance In order to some of: Saqsa = Full, Satisfied y Huaman = Falcon, what would translate as sasiaté falcon or satisfied falcon itself.

Position: He finds itself located toward the Cusco's the urban North of the Cusco, district of the Cusco, province to the downtown's 1 Km.

Area: He comes from 3.003.38 hectares.

Altitude: Msnm finds the Cusco's city on the 3555.

As Llegar to Sacsayhuaman: We have a manner asphalted that Saphy toward San Cristóbal than next is taken as a the streets border the hill's slopes Sacsayhuaman.

The another pedestrian route than departting from the Parade ground he takes the street Suecia and next The slippery street ( Sikitakana ) toward San Cristóbal's, Qolqanpata's esplanade and finally the bridle path for Pujru's narrow pass to arrive to Sacsayhuaman's esplanade.

Generalities: She was considered the Sol's Casa. the Hanan Qosqo's or above Cusco's more important temple, once was dedicated to the Andean cosmology. Place in a complex priest dedicated perks to the Inti ( sun ), Keel ( moon ), Chaska ( you smash ), Illapa which ( I scratch ) and in order to them besides divinities. For the position and the of the construction style the Spaniards and the chroniclers to the to see her for the first time they agreed with calling fortress to her.

The of the construction fellow is cíclopea for his stones's size, some of these go up to in spite of 90 128 tons.

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