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Inticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco PeruInticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru


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Gallery of Photos

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Alice Smith
Alice Smith Watson
Thank you to everyone!! It was a beautiful time… the teachers were so much fun and everyone gave me whatever i needed. When I come back to Cuzco I will definitely come to say hi to everyone! Good Luck!!

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» Voluntary Work

In addition to your classes, after or during, you can decide to participate in voluntary project. For this you have to have at leat a basic level of Spanish. The voluntary work lies in the field of your personal interest, your profession or study experience.

This is a great opportunity to use the Spanish you've learned during your classes, in a practical setting, besides the contribution to the project.

Inticahuarina Spanish School has contacts with a variety of institutions that offer voluntary work to foreigners.

You can work with:

  • Poor families.
  • Street kids.
  • In a children’s hospital.
  • In a general hospital / clinic.
  • With drug and alcohol addicts.
  • In a mental institution.
  • In a small typical village Cai Cay outside of Cusco.
  • In a youth prison.
  • In an orphanage.
  • In an institute for mentally handicapped and deaf children or The private dental clinic of inticahuarina.
  • Teaching English.
  • In an old people's home.
  • In a travel agency.

All these projects have different requirements as for experience, level of Spanish and minimum working period. Please let us know which project interest you the most to give you additional information.

It is also possible to decide if and what kind of voluntary work you would like to when you are here.

The School has its own voluntary project in which you can participate. This project takes place in Pisac, a small village 1 hour from Cusco, in between mountains, besides the Urubamba River.

Volunteers work with about 25 school kids after school. The children are in the ages between 5 and 12 years old. Volunteers help them with their homework, give them lessons in English, or another language, teach them to cultivate ground in a sustainable way or play soccer and volleyball. Volunteers can use the materials that are present, such as coloring books, notebooks, reading material etc. Volunteers work here in the afternoon for a period as from 1 week. In the morning it is possible to work at the local school.

Please Note...

We do not charge to participate in a volunteer program. However due to the lack of financial resources some projects ask you to make a small donation, possible in the form of money, food or materials.

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