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Inticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco PeruInticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru


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Alice Smith
Alice Smith Watson
Thank you to everyone!! It was a beautiful time… the teachers were so much fun and everyone gave me whatever i needed. When I come back to Cuzco I will definitely come to say hi to everyone! Good Luck!!

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» Accommodations

Our classes in Peru are based on full immersion. After classes you can take part in cultural activities. In addition to classroom learning, we encourage you to practice speaking outside the school setting. We enable you to stay with a family, to live independently in Cusco , or to take part in our exchange program. By taking part in voluntary projects you can also practice your Spanish language skills outside classes.

You can choose between three different options of accommodation within the city of Cuzco:

Staying with a local guest family, staying at the Inticahuarina Student House, or staying with the native people of calca and pisac.

Family Stay

Accommodation - Family Stay

You can choose to stay and live with a middle class Cusquenian family and experience the way they live during your stay here. We highly recommend a family stay above a stay in a hostel or hotel, because in this way you pick up the everyday vocabulary. You are encouraged to communicate in Spanish, as in most cases the family doesn't speak any English. The family will also take you to different places that you normally wouldn't go.

The family picks you up from the airport in Cusco , offers you a private room with keys to their home, hot water and 3 meals a day (3 important times to speak Spanish).

The Inticahuarina Student House

You can experience the Cusquenian life in a different, more independent way. When you choose to stay in an apartment, you will have to buy and prepare your own food, which means you will have to make purchases in the many open air markets, local shops or supermarkets.

The apartments are situated in a safe area in the center of Cusco , near the school and the main square, at about 5 minutes walking distance. Normally there will be more students staying in the same complex, so if you want to, contacts are easily made.

The apartments are meant for 1 or 2 persons. They are completely furnished, including a private bathroom (hot water), and private and fully equipped kitchen with all the cooking gear you need.

Every apartment has a double bed or 2 single beds, a living area with sofas a coffee table, cable television, and a cooking stove.

Live with the native people of Calca and Pisac.

You can live and exchange language, professional and cultural interests with a native person from Pisac and Calca.

Family Farmer

Coexistence with family farmer Cuyochico - Sacred Valled.


  • 3 Meals Tipicas.
  • Accommodation.

Experience factories where they make crafts and you can have the opportunity to learn to make them right by the ruins of the town and to participate in its cusctoms and dances and one night of bonfire.

» Inticahuarina's Meal Plan

INTICAHUARINA offers a meal plan which is designed to make your stay in Cusco as comfortable, and hassle free as possible.

Local Restaurants

There are a million restaurants around the Plaza de Armas, but how do you know which ones offer good food and great value? With this restaurant package, students will eat their lunch daily in variety of good quality restaurants. Includes: Lunch, 5 days a week.

Lunch with a Peruvian Family

With this option students can maximise their opportunity to practice Spanish and learn about Peruvian culture while living independently. You can be a part of a Peruvian family’s lunch, practicing your conversation skills while also enjoying traditional Peruvian food. Includes: Lunch, 5 days a week.

Inticahuarina Residence Meals

Do you enjoy socialising with other travellers, and would you like a good value package of meals? We have a cook in residence at INTICAHUARINA who prepares a delicious range of Andean and foreign cuisine. Lunch is homecooked and consists of three courses. Includes: Lunch, 5 days a week.

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