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Inticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco PeruInticahuarina Spanish Language School - Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru


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Gallery of Photos

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Alice Smith
Alice Smith Watson
Thank you to everyone!! It was a beautiful time… the teachers were so much fun and everyone gave me whatever i needed. When I come back to Cuzco I will definitely come to say hi to everyone! Good Luck!!

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» Museums in Cusco

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art: The beautiful large house that lodges the MAP was field Inca in 1450, House of the Alonso conqueror Diaz in 1580, of the Count of the Goatherd in 1850 and totally was recovered to be the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art from June of the 2003. This extraordinary historical monument of the city of the Cusco, lodges the first and only Peruvian museum dedicated to emphasize the art of the old cultures of Peru. This it is an esteem space, it delights and approach to the plastic wealth of the great artists of old Peru.

  • Schedules: from 9am to 10pm, every day.
  • Address: Seat of the Nazarenas - Cusco.
  • Tel/fax: (084) 233210.

The 450 works of art include from 1250 A.C. to 1532 D.C. and they were selected of a universe of 45.000 objects pertaining to the warehouses of the Archaeological Museum Larco of Lima. Curaduría and selection done by the famous painter Fernando de Szyszlo and the Historian of Art Cecilia Bákula allow that the texts in Spanish, English and alternatively French locate to us in the artistic context of the Peruvian old art.

The spectacular museografía and illumination emphasize the beauty of the painting and sculpture of Peruvian prehistory in the 11 rooms of the museum.

Museum Inka: Hill of the Admiral s/n. Pertenece to the National University San Antonio Abbot of the Cusco, has a collection of archaeological pieces of the culture Inca. Telephone. 237380 Attention 8:00 to 14:00 hrs.

Museum of Art Contemporaneo: Seat Rejoicing s/n Telephone. 227152. Attention 09:00 to 19:00 hrs.

Museum of Religious Art: Corner of the streets Hatunrumiyoq and Herrajes, in the old Archiepiscopal palace, has a work collection of the school cusqueña (Hatun Rumiyoc) Telephone. 222781. Attention of Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 15:00 to 18:00 hrs.

Regional Historical Museum: Corner of the street Garcilaso and Heladeros (House of Garcilaso), contains valuable historical documents. Telephone. 223245, Attention of Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 19:00 hrs.

Museum of Popular Art: Reconciled the Sun Turísticas.Teléfono Galleries. 223601.Atención of Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00 hrs.

Museum of Santa Catalina: Small square of Santa Catherine N° 401.Atención Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs.

Colonial Large Houses

Archiepiscopal Palace: She was mulberry of Inca Rock, soon the building belonged to personalities like Fray bishop Vicente of Valverde, marquéz of Rocafuerte, among others. At the moment the Museum of Religious Art works here.

Construction with arabesque reminisencias, their walls of base are of architecture Inca and in the street Hatun Rumiyoq it presents/displays the famous stone of the twelve angles. They emphasize the cover, the balcony, the chapel.

Palace of the Admiral: Constructed by Don Francisco Maldonado Anaya and Altamirano, later he was of Don Francisco Alderete and Maldonado until 1821. At the moment it is the Museum Inca of the National University of San Antonio Abbot of the Cusco, being appraised ceramics, weaves, orfebrería, momias, etc.

Casa of the Four Busts: Located in the street San Agustin N° 400, decorated with rosettes and columns in relief, the threshold is wrought in a single lítica piece, being appraised four busts and the noviliario shield pertaining to the Spanish family of Marquesses Salas Valdéz.

Casa Goatherd: Located in the seat of the Nazarenas emphasizing the nobiliario shield in the facade, ample patio, arcade and extensive halls.

Casa of Inca Garcilaso of the Fertile Valley: Located in the corner of the Garcilaso streets and Heladeros, she belonged to the illustrious racially mixed cronista Garcilaso of the Fertile valley, constructed on walls Incas, has singular example of colonial architecture. Today he is local of the Regional Historical Museum, being appraised pre-Hispanic elements and colonial art.

Casa of the Marquez of Picoaga: Commanded to construct by the Marquez Don Jose Picoaga and Arbiza in century XVIII, between 1745 and 1751. One is located in the street Santa Teresa.

Casa of ther Marquez of Valleumbroso: Located in the Marquez street having a cover of great dimensions that corresponds to the period of transition, apreciándoce lateral jambs. In this area a large house of Renaissance style was built. The School of Beautiful Arts works at the present time.

Casa of the Marquez of Field of Broom: Constructed in century XVIII, one is located in the street Coca or Garcilaso.

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