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Alice Smith
Alice Smith Watson
Thank you to everyone!! It was a beautiful time
 the teachers were so much fun and everyone gave me whatever i needed. When I come back to Cuzco I will definitely come to say hi to everyone! Good Luck!!

» Machu Picchu

( Quechua: Machu piqchu; “Old mountain” ) he is a citadel once was constructed during the Imperio Inca's, the Perú's epoch. One Comes from the architectonic and archeological jewels more important of the Incas.

Position: Machu Picchu's sacred city is located 130 kilometers to the northwest of the Cusco, in the hill's crest Machu Picchu, to 2.200 meters of height on the sea level. A secret military man, because ravines deep, on the verge of an abyss, and forested regions agrestal were the best defense natural was the citadel's position.

Center Archeological: One Comes from archeological centers more outstanding, Sudamérica's more important and, as a consequence, the tourist attraction more visited in the Perú.

Machu Picchu's Santuario: He proposed as Santuario Histórico, with a 32.592 hectares surface From 1981, that they include only he does not split it archeological, but also the flora, fauna and his landscapes, emphasizing the abundant orchids presence.

More firm theories hold that one was Inca llacta: A settlement once was constructed with to control the economy of the regions conquered purpose. I was her the Inca empire's more beautiful llacta, and I would have been constructed with to give refuge at the most select of the aristocracy in case of attack purpose expresses her. He seems that it was used in determining moment as resting-place of the He saps Inca and as observatory; Right after the Spaniards's conquest of the empire for part, fortress was of One-handed Inca's revolt.

Three sectors: According to the archeologists's theories, Machu Picchu was divided in three big sectors: The Barrio Sagrado, the Barrio Popular, South, and the Priests's Barrio and the Nobleza ( residential area ).

In the first zone, dedicated to Inti, the deity Sol, his bigger divinity, they find archeological treasures principal: The Intiwatana, the Templo of the Sol and the three Windows's Room.

In the living quarters zone existed a sector in order to the nobility, group of houses situated in rows on a slope; He impeaches her of the ( learned persons ) characterized Amautas for his walls of reddish color, and them zone Ñustas ( princesses ) with living quarters of form trapezoide.

Inside the citadel supposedly a sector once was destined to the jail, where were applicable punishments to the prisoners, inside niches of rock existed. A stony block is The Mausoleo Monumental stony, it was whose interior vaulting once was utilized in order to rites or sacrifices; His walls are tilled.

Architecture: All the edifications in Machu Picchu follow classical architectonic style Inca: Constructions with polished walls on a regular basis and perfect junctions among the blocks of stone, unused mortar. A couple of data that the technical- perfection level and architectonics that fitted evidence are : First than a knife's sheet does not fit in among stone and stone and, after, his constructions's durability. They have gone up to our days, practically, intact. Neither the passing of time neither geological phenomena have altered the initial structure.

Indicating, than the Incas Is important they were knowing the round form ( to the god Inti, they represented it thus ); But he does not roll it. How they were moving the enormous blocks of stone that they were using in his constructions he is a mystery. However, yes they knew the inclined plane. It that he would be able to risk a theory envelope how they engineered them stop to lift them.

Regrettably, the Incas did not leave record once was written, once should have been owed to than neither they knew the writing. In solidum the set, they meet around 140 constructions among temples, sanctuaries, plazas and residential nuclei. There are over one hundred flights of stairs of stone, many times carved entirely in an alone granite block; interconnected- water sources great quantity for canals with drainages perforations in the rock, destined to the original irrigation system. At the present time, it is not possible to explain how the Incas could transfer to Machu Picchu's top blocks of stone of to twenty tons.

Its Redescubrimiento: Machu Picchu was discovered in the century XX for the professor Hiram Bingham the July 24, 1911. He was a controverted anthropologist, historian or, simply, a North American explorer once was made fond to the archeology. This anthropologist of Yale's University initiated archeological studies and accomplished the zone's investigation. Bingham wedged the name of The City Perdida of the Incas through his first book Lost City of the Incas.

In the year 2002, vestiges found the century's not our own scanning stranger XX, whose footprints Bingham would have called to eliminate to remain under the title of Machu Picchu's discoverer.

Discovery has been to him adjudicated to Bingham, according to the Cusco's, Simone Waisbard's researcher. Nevertheless, the finding was the chance's product, since they would have been Enrique Palma, Gabino Sánchez and Agustín Lizárraga, the first things in touring these archeological remains on whose stones left engravings his names the July 14, 1901. Bingham was searching, in reality, Vitcos's city, the last Inca strongpoint against the Spaniards. Of manner than, Bingham's given an appointment discovery, it would decrease to the the fact diffusion in order to the science. However product was not of chance, in order to him,, one destiny exhausting investigation once was based in the proportionate reports for peasants of the place, in addition to several journeys and explorations years for the zone.

Bingham took to his university in The United States himself 5.000 archeological pieces. To this date they have not been returned, in spite of the claims than he takes for decades realizing Peruvian Government. At present, grows the opinion that Bingham should be regarded as one of the bigger despoilment examples of the cultural patrimony than has suffered this country.

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